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Harvesting Elemi prior to essential oil extraction
Product Name: Elemi Essential Oil
Scientific Name: Canarium ovatum
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Part of Plant Used: Sap
Restrictions: None known

Our Elemi Essential Oil is locally harvested and distilled in the Philippines. Commonly termed as "Manila Elemi," the sap coming from Canarium trees, produce the Elemi Essential Oil. According to farmers, Canarium luzonicum trees were the main source of extracts in the past. Nowadays, with the improvement of harvesting methods, resin can also be harvested from the fruit bearing Pili trees (Canarium ovatum).  Pili tree trunks are given careful incisions to produce sap and these are gathered to be steam distilled.

Elemi Essential Oil Philippines 10mL
The result is a fresh, lemony and spicy smelling essential oil perfect for blending with other oils. Benefits of Elemi Essential Oil include anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic, soothes muscles, reduces wrinkles and aides in minor respiratory problems.

Currently the demand for Elemi Essential Oil is mostly used on the perfume industry, owing to its unique characteristics and complexity. Here in the Philippines, it is slowly gaining popularity as well. Our Elemi Essential Oil comes from the province of Sorosogon. We get it from groups dedicated to helping women and farmers make a living from the produce of Pili trees.