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Cold Pressed Pili Kernel Oil Philippines

Our Cold-pressed Pili Kernel Oil is made by using small-scale, artisan methods, mostly by hand. Starting from the hard shelled nuts, each is manually split using a bolo by a skilled "paratilad" which can outdo any machine without cracking the kernels. We use a manual press to extract the oils, this allows us to avoid any heat during the processing, resulting in an excellent cold-pressed oil without any additional processing needed. High in Oleic acid, Palmitic acid and a few others, the Pili Kernel oil is an excellent, nourishing oil for the skin.

Cold-pressed Pili Kernel Oil is clear when subjected to warm temperatures, but when subjected to colder than 25 degrees Celsius, it will turn cloudy or partly solidify.

The Pili Kernel Oil comes from the fruits of the Canarium ovatum tree. Only here in the Philippines are found commercial quantities of Pili, concentrated in the Bicol region and a few neighboring areas.

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