Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products, manufacturer of liquid castile soaps and distiller of essential oils in the Philippines

Pili Fruits in Canarium ovatum tree
Pili Pulp Oil comes from the fruits of the Canarium ovatum tree. Only here in the Philippines are found commercial quantities of Pili, concentrated in the Bicol region and neighboring areas. Once harvested, Pili fruits are depulped and separated from the shelled kernels. The pulp is further processed to separate the oil, while the kernels are removed from the shells for roasting or other preparation for eating. 

The extracted oil is usually greenish with hues of deep amber. Odor profile of the oil is strong, exotic and characteristically pili, unlike the usual clean smell of other oils. Analysis of Pili pulp oil reveal it is high in Oleic acid (close to the values of Olive Oil), considerable levels of β-Carotene, substantial amounts of γ-Tocopherol and δ-Tocopherol (known to have great antioxidant activity).

Pili Oil Philippines 150ml Bottle
We use Pili Pulp Oil as an ingredient in our soaps. Because of its high Oleic acid content, the resulting soap is similar to the ones made with Olive oil, mixed with a little bit of Palm oil. It is a great base soap for those who want to add gentle cleansing properties and soften the impact of Coconut Oil soaps.