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Pogostemon cablin leaves
Scientific Name: Pogostemon cablin
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Part of Plant Used: Leaves
Restrictions: No known restrictions in use

Patchouli is indigenous to Southeast Asia but it is now cultivated in tropical regions all over the world. Its essential oil is one of the few that improve its fragrance and potency as it ages. In small doses, Patchouli acts as a sedative, but in larger quantities, it becomes stimulating. For many centuries, it has been used primarily on skin and fungal infections, and as diuretic for many urinary and bladder problems.

10mL Patchouli Essential Oil Philippines Bottle with Patchouli leaves

The insecticidal effect of Patchouli is a well documented fact. It is effective in driving away mosquitoes, cockroaches and other household pests. One study found out that Patchouli is very effective in repelling mosquitoes for 2 hours.

In the Philippines, Patchouli is commonly called Kabling and has been used in various medicinal applications.