Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products, manufacturer of liquid castile soaps and distiller of essential oils in the Philippines

Since time immemorial, scents have played an important part of human culture. The sense of smell appeals to a higher level of consciousness in every person. Incense was burned in altars as offering, palaces of kings were fragranced all the time, homes of the rich were adorned with fresh flowers and other aromatics. The presence of scents in the environment is a commanding influence to the state of mind of the beholder.

Casa de Lorenzo opens the doors of true appreciation of essential oils in the Philippines. We offer authentic Essential Oils usable in Aromatherapy for your aromatic needs. Click on the images below to know more.

Peppermint Essential Oil Philippines 10mL Lavender Essential Oil Philippines 10mL
Peppermint Essential Oil Lavender Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil Philippines 10mL
Lemongrass Essential Oil Citronella Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil Philippines 10mL Eucalyptus Essential Oil Philippines 10mL
Ginger Essential Oil Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Calamansi Essential Oil Philippines 10mL Elemi Essential Oil Philippines 10mL
Calamansi Essential Oil Elemi Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil Philippines 10mL Ylang-ylang Essential Oil Philippines 10mL
Tea Tree Essential Oil Ylang-ylang Essential Oil

Fundamentally, authentic Essential Oils should bear the properties of where they came from. A ginger Essential Oil should smell like ginger when you're slicing it up for cooking or ylang-ylang Essential Oil should smell like ylang-ylang when you plucked it off its tree. True Essential Oils undergo a complex process before they turn into drops of glorious scents. Some are abundant in nature, giving bountiful harvests all year round, while some are exactly the opposite, which is the reason why genuine Essential Oils are quite expensive and prices are very volatile.

We at Casa de Lorenzo take pride in providing authentic Essential Oils in the Philippines. We draw the line between the natural extracts and the ones synthesized in a laboratory. We have Essential Oils produced locally in various provinces of the Philippines. as well as a few coming from other countries. It is our guarantee that our products having "Essential Oils" in the labels genuinely contain Essential Oils.

Our in-house distillation extracts Calamansi Essential Oil, Dalandan Essential Oil, Elemi Essential Oil from both Canarium luzonicum and Canarium ovatum species, and Black Pepper Essential Oil from Native Black Pepper.

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