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The Unscented Castile Soap variants are among the best sellers. Whether you're saying no to fragrances for your sensitive skin or you just want to add your own blend of essential oils to your soap, we're leaving it up to you with the Unscented Castile Soaps.

Every oil made into soap will have different properties. Some will be highly cleansing, others will have creamy lather, while others may be very mild. This is due to the differences in composition of oils and it will dictate what type of soap they will turn into. Soapmakers usually create a mix of different oils and butters, their formulation a tightly guarded secret, and turn these into soaps. Now you can create your preferred blend of soap, adjust accordingly whether you want it to have more cleaning features or maybe a more moisturizing blend.

You can explore adding other ingredients to your soap blends, just make sure you do some research before mixing.