Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products provides premium Castile Soap, Carrier Oils and Essential Oils for Organic and Natural Product Lovers in the Philippines. Every Drop of our products are by nature.

Welcome summer!

Yes, its already summer time!!! The sweltering tropical heat, you can already feel. We're starting to think about beaches, fun in the sand, mangoes and vacations! And we want to be part of your summer so we've come up with really hot deals to help keep you cool all summer long.

35% OFF!
All sizes of Moisturizing and Cleansing Peppermint Castile Soaps
10ml, 30mL and 100mL of Peppermint, Cornmint, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Citronella Essential Oils

50% OFF!
We have about 100 assorted bottles of soaps with not-so-good labels. Ask us about them, we'll give them to you at half-price off, please see the list below.

1 Gallon Calamansi Manila
1 Gallon Lemongrass Manila
1 Gallon Elemi Manila
250ml Citronella Manila
250ml Lemongrass Manila
500ml Lemongrass Manila
250ml Elemi Manila
1 Liter Lemongrass Manila
250ml Unscented Manila
250ml Cacao Dark
250ml Coffee Dark
1 Gallon Coffee Dark
250mL Cacao Peppermint Limited Edition

Until March 31 only.

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Let your senses be delighted with real fragrances from nature! 

Introducing our Essential Oil Trial Sizes! We know its hard to find real essential oils in the Philippines, and before you commit into buying bigger sizes, we'd like you to try them out first. In every vial, there'd be 1mL of essential oil, enough to experience the #smellsofnature.

Order now, and know the promise we're keeping: real and pure essential oils in every bottle.

Essential Oils
 PHP    95.00
 PHP    75.00
 PHP    65.00
 PHP  140.00
 PHP    60.00
 PHP    75.00
 PHP    65.00
 PHP    80.00
 PHP    60.00
 PHP    75.00

Essential Oil Trial Sizes can either be delivered (shipping costs apply) or picked up from our office. 

Call us at 0939-919-2916 (Smart, TNT & Sun) or 0917-608-1219 (Globe & TM) or landline (02)218-4697) Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.

Make your very own Natural Soap according to how you want it! With our DIY Castile Soap bundles, its your natural and organic way, all the way. Choose from our available unscented castile soap variants and essential oils to start creating your own natural soap mixes.

The DIY Castile Soap Bundle is available for only 850.00 Php plus shipping. What you'll get is (1) 1000 mL unscented liquid castile soap and (2) 10mL essential oil of your choice. Try out one now and make something you can call your own. #mynaturalsoap

* Peppermint Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil or Elemi Essential Oil cannot be bundled together in one order

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