Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products provides premium Castile Soap, Carrier Oils and Essential Oils for Organic and Natural Product Lovers in the Philippines. Every Drop of our products are by nature.

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Olive Castile Soap Cleansing Castile Soap Manila Castile Soap Dark Castile Soap

Indulge your skin with the Best of Nature when using Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps.

Made from All-Natural Products, every bottle brings unique delight to the skin and the senses. Only High Quality Fruit and Seed Oils are used to make our Handmade soaps, then scented with Aromatherapeutic Essential Oils for the best bathing experience. Click on the images to know more about our Liquid Castile Soaps.

No Preservatives. No Additives. No Thickening Agents.

Interested in unscented soaps? Check out our Unscented Castile Soap line.

Unscented Castile Soaps
Every variant of Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps has different features and benefits for the different types of skin. Our Natural Soaps are classified according to their performance and the nature of ingredients.