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Freshly cut avocado fruit
In the ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America, Avocado was once known as "Fertility Fruit." It was regarded as an aphrodisiac and believed to have mystical properties. Widespread use and consumption occurred in the last few centuries after other health properties of the Avocado were discovered. Oil began to be produced from the fruit.

Avocado Oil is very beneficial as it penetrates the deep tissues, regenerates and softens the skin. Thick and rich in consistency, Avocado Oil contains plenty of vitamins and minerals and is great for all types of skin, specially for softening the mature and dry type. It is worth mentioning too that a processing facility of Avocado Oil reported that their factory workers have very soft hands due to their contact with Avocado and its oils.

Excellent in all cosmetic applications, Avocado Oil may be used as massage oil or turned into soap. To order Avocado Oil, just email us at or visit the Contact Us page. Available in 150ml, 250ml and 1000ml bottles.