Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products, manufacturer of liquid castile soaps and distiller of essential oils in the Philippines

Logo of Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products

We are a family who believes in being different and making a difference. Now is an age where everything moves faster than its ever been. There's no time to slow down and smell the flowers, if flowers can be found. It is an era of convenience and synthetics, many lose sight of the value of going natural. For us its plain and simple: bring people closer to nature.

Our purpose is for everyone to appreciate the richness of our country's natural ingredients. We look to other countries, yet the Philippines has a class of its own unique natural products. Supporting local ingredients will not only help the livelihoods of communities and farmers, it creates consciousness and innovation towards responsible utilization.

With nature, tradition and innovation, we will create a better everyday life for people using natural and organic products while helping local farmers and communities.

Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products provides premium Natural Liquid Soaps, Carrier Oils and Essential Oils in the Philippines. We manufacture potassium soaps from plant oils. Our distillation equipment allows us to manufacture or extract essential oils from indigenous plants of the Philippines. Discover the wonderful benefits of going natural and indulge your senses with the real thing from nature, by nature.

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