Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products, manufacturer of liquid castile soaps and distiller of essential oils in the Philippines

10mL CDL Naturals Dalandan Essential oil with Dalandan Fruits
Product Name: Dalandan Essential Oil
Scientific Name: Citrus aurantium
Country of Origin: Philippines
Extraction Method: Distilled
Part of Plant Used: Rind
Restrictions: Not more than 4% on skin

Dalandan is the orange of the Philippines! Our Dalandan Essential Oil comes from Citrus aurantium grown here in the Philippines and extracted via the distillation method. We load up Dalandan peels in our distillation stills and after a few hours, we separate the Dalandan Essential Oil from the hydrosol. We use in-house distilleration equipment in getting the oil.

Only limited quantities of distilled Dalandan essential oil can be produced as of the moment due to the very limited yield during distillation.