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Cold-pressed Tamanu Oil Philippines
Our Tamanu Oil comes from the kernels of Callophyllum inophyllum native to the Philippines and some parts of Asia. Called locally as Bitaog or Palo Maria, a native tree mostly growing near beaches. From historical accounts, Spanish colonial Filipinos crush the kernels after long periods of drying in the sun and squeezing the inedible oil by hand for use in skin and as fuel for lamps. Made known to the world by Tahitians, the oil makes skin heal faster, hence its widespread use in treating minor wounds. Stsudies show Tamanu Oil is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it is used topically for acne and scars, muscle aches, and many others.

Our Tamanu Oil is manually extracted from locally grown and harvested kernels. It undergoes a long process of preparation before finally pressing without the use of heat in extracting the oil. This retains the valuable compounds beneficial to the skin. It has an inherent greenish tint and a unique aroma not found in other oils.

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