Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products, manufacturer of liquid castile soaps and distiller of essential oils in the Philippines

Grapes in a grape vine
For thousands of years, great civilizations had been growing and harvesting grapes for consumption. Whether fresh, dried or fermented, grapes are always found in the dining halls of kings and leaders of the past. Throughout the ages, more and more benefits of the fruit are being discovered, among which, the benefits of the extracts from its seed, the Grapeseed Oil.

Held in high regard, Grapeseed Oil is perfect for the health conscious. Containing high levels of Linoleic Acid, Grapeseed Oil is beneficial in combating heart disease and cholesterol. Light in color, taste and feel, it can be matched with almost any essential oil without altering the scent, thus its popularity of use in aromatherapy and massage oils.

In ordering Grapeseed Oil, send us an email at or visit the Contact Us page. Available in 150ml, 250ml and 1000ml bottles.