Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products, manufacturer of liquid castile soaps and distiller of essential oils in the Philippines

Coconut shells
For many centuries, our ancestors have used coconut oil in their daily lives. Every harvest of coconuts comes with the bounty for food, beauty and health. Ordinary Filipino women of the past treat their hair and scalp with coconut oil to strengthen and beautify. The Philippine traditional healers make their special healing concoctions by combining coconut oil with medicinal plants and herbs.

Until recently, Nature began giving the best ever. Unadulterated and naturally derived, Virgin Coconut Oil had gained worldwide renown. Easily absorbed by the skin, Virgin Coconut Oil has a luxurious feel, making it excellent for massage oils and other skin aesthetic applications. The subtle and inherent fruity, coconut scent is a great compliment when combined with essential oils or other fragrances.

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